What Sectors Benefit from Traffic Lights?

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One of the first traffic safety rules that are usually taught to little kids are the different colours of the traffic light and their meaning. They have become part of the universal language people across different cultures share and understand. Wherever you go, red means stop, yellow means prepare, and green means go. Well, except for Japan.

It is the traffic lights’ rather simple look and way of operating what makes them so good at conveying the message. But even though they have a simple design, they are actually complex systems that consist of a control computer, poles and light lanterns for the red-yellow-green signals, detectors that send information to the computer about the traffic condition, plus an additional web of cables, power supplies and leads. All these parts have to function properly as one unit at all times, but also communicate with the surrounding traffic lights via underground sensors in order to prevent any possible traffic jams or accidents.


The traffic light is made of a strong and non-corrosive material, which is able to withstand the elements, and durable LED light bulbs that have a long lifespan. The full name of these devices is traffic control signals and they dictate the traffic flow, making the streets safe for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as preventing car accidents. These signs are of huge importance for the proper functioning of large and busy cities where everyone is always in a rush. Therefore, they are always placed at a prominent spot as to be noticed by all traffic participants.

However, traffic lights are not reserved for the city streets only – the private sector can benefit from them as well. All businesses that involve vehicles coming in and out can increase their productivity and make their operating much faster by implementing these control systems. For instance, parking lots implement them to signal drivers that there is available space to park or that the lot has reached its full capacity.

Furthermore, they are also used to help make underground mines safer. There’s nothing that can be done to prevent tremors and accidents caused by the forces of nature, but vehicle-related accidents which used to be a common problem in the past are greatly reduced thanks to the various clever uses of traffic lights.

The efficient operation of large construction sites also heavily depends on a system of traffic lights and ramps. Because a large number of vehicles are operating at the same time in different parts of the site, there’s a need to manage traffic movement so that there are no road blocks and delays. But there’s also a high foot traffic, which when combined with large and heavy construction machines, can be very dangerous. If there’s no system to signal caution, this could easily result in accidents.


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