Types and Benefits of Slip Resistant Tapes

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Slip Resistant Tape For Stairs

Nowadays, more than ever, safety at the workplace is one of the greatest concerns employers have. You see warnings on the streets, in shops and even on Starbucks coffee cups. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with being cautions and taking the extra step to prevent an accident. All it takes is a fall or a trip to put someone in a hospital or just out of the workplace for weeks. But of course, there are methods you can put into motion to prevent such occurrences, or at least limit them, and the best one I can think of is the slip resistant tape.

Even though there’s seemingly not much to slip resistant tape for stairs and other kinds, there is, in fact, a whole range of them.

Slip Resistant Tape For Stairs

Slip Resistant Tape For Stairs

Let’s say there are a lot of surfaces that are going to need a slip resistant tape applied to them. In which case, you’ll need a slip resistant tape for stairs. You can apply this tape literally anywhere, regardless of its name. The only requirement you have to fill is – the surface you apply it to needs to be dry and clean. This tape can bond to plastic, wood and metal, and act as if it were part of the surface itself. You can apply it to vehicles, ladders, corridors, swimming pools, staircases, ramps, emergency exists, etc.

Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Tape

A self-adhesive anti-slip tape offers maximum slip resistance with minimum effort. These tapes are high-tack and high-strength, which means they’re ideal for use in any industrial setting where slipping is a possibility. You can usually get them tailor-made to fit whatever task you need them for, so there isn’t a shortage of choice in any way.

Slip Resistant Hazard Warning Safety Tape

Sometimes, you just can’t see the warning sign until it’s too late. This is what the slip resistant hazard warning safety tape is designed to prevent. These strong tapes are resistant to water, cold, cleaners, heat and cold. So why risk a mishap when you can easily prevent it with some slip resistant hazard warning safe tape and make sure the risk area is highlighted.

Slip Resistant Tape That Glows in the Dark

These tapes are extremely suitable in no-light and low-light areas, because seeing where you’re going is extremely important, especially in industrial settings and rooms crowded with items. You can apply these tapes almost anywhere, including to your brace and pretend it’s a bracelet, but that’s just a plus.

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