The Effects and Benefits of Rush Poppers

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When you think about it, it’s pretty mind-boggling that sex is still not openly talked about in today’s society. There are still many people that are embarrassed to talk about it, even though sex has been around for as long as we have been around (duh). Moreover, even though a lot of people have sex, they don’t enjoy it as much as they possibly could, because they’re focusing on all the wrong things.

For instance, I had a girlfriend who cared too much about how she looked and how she performed, instead of trying to just pleasure her partner (me), and more importantly – have fun. There’s no right or wrong way to have sex – you just have to be comfortable with your partner and have mutual trust. Adding toys and other types of stimulants in your sex life is generally frowned upon by many, even though they’re here to add to the pleasure.


One such stimulant is the rush popper. Poppers are inhalants and are considered a recreational drug. They first started being used as medicine for heart diseases, but people quickly discovered their “side effects” which include improved blood flow, relaxed body muscles, euphoria and arousal. By the 80′s, poppers became the staple of sexual pleasure, exclusively used by the gay community. And because homosexuality was perceived as a mental disorder, poppers were considered a very problematic drug, until recently. It turns out, rush poppers are not as harmful as they are marked – gay people knew exactly what they were doing, and it was everyone else who was missing out on great sex!

Heightened Pleasure Senses

As aforementioned, poppers can make average sex great! Men get stronger erections because of the improved blood flow, while for women, it helps relax the muscles around their anus and vagina, allowing them to….well, you know….take more pounding. Generally, having sex on most types of drugs enhances the experience, but poppers are safer and don’t cause physical and psychological addiction.

Immediate Arousal and Extraordinary Orgasms

Not only do poppers get your blood flowing, but also your love juices. After taking a sniff from a bottle, you’ll feel increased euphoria and arousal. Moreover, if you inhale them right before you orgasm, because of the way they stimulate your body and mind, your orgasm will be prolonged and much more intense.

Anything’s Possible

When you have sex high on poppers, you might lose track of time, space, thoughts and even yourself in a world of pleasure. All you have to do is surrender to the effect and prepare yourself to experience amazing things. This can allow you to experiment and go into territories unexplored before. Let out your wild side for a while, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the ride.

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