The Economic Benefits Of Concrete Pump Trucks

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If innovations in technology have contributed towards anything is the decrease in manual labour, which has revolutionized many industries, especially the construction sector. For example, with the innovation of concrete trucks, cement-mixing tasks have become less time consuming. The days of hand-mixing concrete are over, thanks to these trucks with concrete mixers mounted on the chassis.

Concrete Trucks

These vehicles are used for mixing and transporting large volumes of concrete thus offer many benefits, especially in financial terms. Especially suited for large-capacity applications, concrete trucks are very cost-effective, provide better flexibility, can improve customer satisfaction and can make a big difference in your business. Before you buy concrete truck, learn the three economic advantages you can benefit from.

Labor Savings – Concrete pump trucks can be seen on any larger construction job site and there are numerous reasons why. One of the best economic benefits of these vehicles is the ability to position closer to the desired location and accurately pour out concrete. Compared to the truck dumping, if you buy concrete truck with pumps you save on labour cost up to 50%. For example, if five workers and two hours are required for a completion of a job, this same job can be done by three workers in only an hour using concrete pump trucks. This means you can deploy your labour resources wisely and complete more tasks per day.

Increased Daily Production – Since you can deploy your labour resources more efficiently and get more tasks done in a day, concrete pump trucks increase your daily production. The concrete produced from these vehicles is placed more efficiently and the unloading time is significantly reduced, regardless of the weather, job site condition or time of day. If you buy concrete truck with a pump, there will be no interruptions nor delays. Because these vehicles usually have extended pumps, they can complete a concrete job from a single location.

Simple And Very Efficient Back-Filling – The back-filling with concrete pump trucks is simple and very efficient. Your job site will be safer and less congested, so you can certainly expect increased overall efficiency. With the concrete being poured directly, there is no need for re-handling nor for special mixes for improved quality. Also, excess water will no longer be your problem. Compared to concrete trucks without pumps, these trucks have greater capacity, exceeding 150 cubic yards per hour. Thus buy concrete truck to boost your productivity.

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