The Benefits of Using Transfer Pumps for Solving Water Issues

Sunday 25th, March 2018 / 05:15 Written by +

Water issues have always been present in the rural areas in Australia, as we live in the driest continent. Regardless of the fact that we’re surrounded by the ocean and we have plenty of lakes and rivers, we sometimes still face the wrath of water scarcity. In order to fight back, mankind came up with an ingenious device called water pumps.

With their simple, yet innovative technology, water pumps draw water from underground sources and supply it wherever deemed necessary. In most industrial and rural areas, transfer pumps for water eradicate the problems of water scarcity and this has been proven to be of monumental help. They can be used in a variety of agricultural, light commercial and residential tasks, including irrigation for agricultural or lawn sprinkling, distributing pesticides and fertilizers, draining shallow flooded areas and much more.


Transfer pumps are ideal for draining a pond of water, sprinkling and draining shallow flooded areas. They should be free of debris even though they can handle smaller solids. Quality transfer pumps for water are capable of moving thousands of litres per hour while offering head of over 20 metres. Moreover, they have the ability to draw water up to several metres in height, which means they can be used in various situations.

The transfer pumps used in industrial and agricultural settings are made from durable materials in order to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Their construction is typically rugged and heavy-duty steel protects the engine and the pump from all sides. They can run on diesel, petrol or electricity.

Another popular type are submersible pumps. They keep the issue from priming and are a great option in the farming sector as well. They work similarly to transfer pumps and offer similar performance. You should typically look for the same things in them as in all water pumps – vertical delivery head and vertical suction.

To summarize, in case there is a water shortage where you live, or you simply want to transfer water from one place to another for irrigation or light commercial purposes, water transfer and submersible pumps are your best choice. Before buying, look for specifications such as vertical head and vertical delivery to know what exactly you’re getting and where you can apply it. Doing some research on the matter should make things clear as day when it comes to water pumps, so you shouldn’t make a decision if you aren’t well-informed. Otherwise, make your choice and reap all the benefits that come from using a water pump!

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