The Benefits of Using an Outback Exhaust System

Wednesday 21st, March 2018 / 05:09 Written by +

Did you know that the stock exhaust on your vehicle is what’s preventing your machine from having more power? It’s not fair, I know…and just to think how much money you paid for your car, yet, it’s incomplete. That nagging thought that there’s so much more power inside your vehicle, yet it’s buried deep inside. Well, there is a way…

If you are looking for more torque, horsepower and mileage, the most reasonable way is to upgrade the outback exhaust system. The main reason why people upgrade their exhausts with an after market outback exhaust system is the different system design. Now for those who do not have any background knowledge, here are a couple of benefits that can help your decision making process.

Outback Exhaust

The first thing you should consider is the exhaust manifold. Did you know that if you have this heavy and restrictive exhaust part removed and replaced with an after market header, you’ll gain more engine power? This is in fact the closest element to the engine and can add some juice to it. Time to get wild bro, yet this is not all!

Next on the list is the header. While installing the header is a pretty easy task, there are some issues that might arise along the way. For instance, the header cannot be attached to the engine without making some changes to the engine for the purpose of better fitting the frame rails. If this segment is not considered on time, you risk buying a part that won’t be of any use to the engine.

Besides the header, you should consider getting a catalytic converter that is also known as CAT. Many Australians are not aware that if their vehicle is not equipped with a catalytic converter, they could be fined. Actually, having a CAT in your vehicle is good not only for your wallet but for the environment too. The catalytic converter prevents many toxic gases from being released in the atmosphere. Currently, catalytic converters are built with so much precision as to reduce the possibility of losing horse-power to zero– which is an awesome benefit!

Lastly, when replacing the exhaust do not make the mistake of replacing only separate parts, but the whole exhaust system. Although it is doable, some stock exhaust parts are not fully compatible with after market outback exhaust and in time this incompatibility can lead up to complications. Replacing your stock exhaust system, will not only benefit the performance of your vehicle, but it will also cut your maintenance expenses in the long run.

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