The Benefits of Making Skateboarding Your Hobby

Monday 19th, March 2018 / 04:52 Written by +

There’s nothing quite like staying outdoors, particularly in an age where technology reigns with the lives of most of us. As much as it sounds far-fetched, we’re all addicts of electronics even despite the amount of threats it poses to our health which we’re aware of to a certain degree. This calls for more outdoor activities, no matter how much spare time we have at hands, so instead of using the excuse of having a busy schedule just try to reorganise it better so that you leave more space for the outdoors.


We’re all after looking our best self, and the perfect way to get to it is by making way for hobbies in our lives, such as skateboarding. Though it’s not a recent trend, reaching its peaks during the 80s and 90s of the previous century, it’s still very much present considering people are adopting a skater’s clothing style even if they aren’t specifically into skateboarding so this is proof enough of how great of an influence it has. The reason we should consider including skateboarding in our day to day activities is the benefits it brings about. For starters, the most obvious one is its effect on fitness and flexibility.

All the manoeuvring it takes, using up leg muscles to push and arm muscles to balance, the shredding of calories is immense, including the much desired muscle toning. Learning how to balance means getting the skills to learn how to fall, or better yet, avoid falling altogether. Of course, the number of calories lost depends on every skater individually, and the kind of skateboarding he/she opts for which is where the choice of board and wheels, out of the board and skate wheels Australia shops provide, has its role as well.


It’s important to know how to choose the right board and skate wheels Australia round specialised shops offer, because their sizes have a different impact on the whole experience of skateboarding. It’s all fun and games until you get seriously injured, something that you could prevent with wiser purchasing choices. For instance, the smaller the size of the wheels, the slower they are, and vice versa. This means smaller wheels make for a smoother ride, perfect for beginners who are yet to master the moves and balance. The same goes for the durometre, the harder the wheel the faster it goes, so if you’re a beginner go for softer wheels instead.

As it’s said, practice makes perfect, and the same can be applied to skateboarding. The more you do it, the more skilled you’re going to become, and surprised by the increase of endurance. All of the falling you might go through can teach you how to grow out the pain and not give up on skateboarding, something which can refer to other aspects of life as well. Not surprisingly too, the time you spend in the company of your skateboard can prove to be very relaxing, bringing more joy in your life and leaving no space for stress. This in itself is convincing enough to take to the road with a skateboard, isn’t it?

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