The Benefits of Hi Lift Jacks

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A tool is basically a workman’s toy. And workmen are typically creative people, just like toddlers, in a way. You give them a tool to play around with, and they’ll find a dozen different ways to use it. Take a high-lift jack for instance, one of the most versatile tools a workman can have. However, the high lift jack is not only popular among workmen, but it’s a very popular tool among off-road enthusiasts as well.

Hi Lift Jacks Australia

Like most other tools high lift jacks have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, and most hi lift jacks Australia users believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So what is a high lift jack? It’s an extremely powerful device that can be used in a wide array of applications, but its most basic purpose is to lift heavy objects, like off-road vehicles for example, or heavy equipment in a warehouse. It can be used in place of other pieces of equipment, like winches, which are far more expensive devices.

You’ll find many different models of hi lift jacks Australia wide, and they typically consist of a long handle with grooves occurring on it periodically. A movable rack is located over the handle that can move up or down the handle, and stay fixed in the desired position thanks to the groove. The torque produced when moving the rack from the top position is extremely high and it can lift even the heaviest of vehicles.

However, these tools should be used with a lot of precaution. Even though it’s a relatively small device compared to a winch or a hydraulic machine that can be used for the same purpose, you’re still lifting a lot of weight with it, and if you aren’t careful with it, accidents will occur. An experienced engineer or mechanic who knows his way around a high lift jack can extend its limits a bit, while others should follow a couple of safety steps.

For instance, you should always ensure there’s a proper mate on the car to hold the jack in place. If you mate the jack without a stable connection, your vehicle will fall back down on the ground. Moreover, don’t use it on soft ground like wet grass or mud. You’ll just end up making a hole on the ground because of the heavy weight applied. Instead, use a high jack base to spread the pressure evenly across the ground.

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