How You Can Benefit From Switching Out Your Incandescent Lightbulbs for LEDs

Monday 19th, February 2018 / 15:36 Written by +

Long gone are the days when incandescent and halogen lighting fixtures were the norm. Nowadays, everyone who has some basic understanding of technology, and is aware of the existence of LED bulbs, capitalises on their longevity and energy efficiency. It’s estimated that if you change just a few lighting fixtures and bulbs in your home from incandescent to LED, you’ll save a few hundred dollars on energy bills.

That being said, if you haven’t made the transition yet, you should definitely consider doing so as soon as possible. LED bulbs operate much differently than the conventional incandescent light bulbs and bear a lot of benefits. For instance, they utilise a semiconductor instead of neon gas or filament. You can browse through almost any LED lighting online store and find many different LED fixtures that can literally and metaphorically put a new light into your living space.


Furthermore, LEDs are very energy efficient, and they consume a fraction of the power incandescent bulbs do. This leads to a significant decrease in electricity costs, which combined with their low replacement and maintenance needs, they end up costing less in the long run, even though they’re the more expensive initial purchase.

Most fixtures and bulbs you can find on LED lighting online stores have a lifespan of over 50.000 hours, when compared to the 1.500 hours of incandescent light bulbs, it’s a very extreme difference. 50.000 hours of constant use is about 7 years, which means that once you implement LED into your home, you can forget about them for quite some time, even if they’re constantly in use.

Additionally, LED lights are the safest type out all other lighting solutions available on today’s market. They don’t use fragile components like filaments and glass, and they’re perfectly capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, vibration and shock, which makes them ideal for outdoor use as well. They also don’t generate any heat, so you can touch them and leave them on for hours without any consequence.

Lastly, LED lights are environmentally friendly since they’re made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled. That being said, a lot of businesses utilise LED lights in order to advocate for a greener Earth. All of the aforementioned facts make them ideal for both commercial and residential use, such as: architectural, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, the military, transportation, traffic, entertainment and gaming, aerospace industry, night lights, security lights, accent lights, reading lights and much more.




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