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The Australian sportswear and athletic apparel industries have been going financially strong in the past few years. The industry has been one of the most trending industries Australia wide, mostly due to the fact that more and more Australians want to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. Growing number of Australian consumers have been buying exercise heart rate monitor, sports equipment, active wear, and the likes.

The online section of this industry has gotten quite a quick forward thanks to more and more consumers turning to technology. As technology advances, the numbers for this sector of the industry has seemed to grow greatly in 2015. It has grown at rapid speeds by 22.6% with a total revenue already at 71 million dollars. More than 6,792 Australians have jobs in this sector of the industry and the future is looking bright as it is set to rise at a steady pace of another 14.6%.

Let’s not forget the retail sector of this booming industry. It has already brought in a huge 2 billion dollars in revenue and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. It has had a steady rise of 8.8% and the future looks just as good with predictions it will keep rising another 5.0% for each year in the foreseeable future. Many more Australians seem to be investing in exercise heart rate monitor, sports equipment, and anything to do with a healthy lifestyle. Also, more consumers seem to be spending more time at the gym and taking care of themselves. This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.