Happy Caravanning: the Practical Benefits You Can Get from an Awning

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One of the things I love most when I don’t have any obligations or have a day off work is going camping with my family. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I make sure to spend the most time I can with them outside of the concrete jungle that all of us are stuck in, and become one with nature. There’s just something about being surrounded by greenery and the ones you love most – it gives you a peaceful state of mind, a state of serenity, if you will.


Now I don’t have an abnormally huge caravan trailer, and even if I did, I’d still only use it from sleeping and pretty much nothing else. I’d rather just spend all of the time outside, sitting around the fire, grilling or just playing monopoly. However, in order to do so, you need to have something to provide shade for you, like an umbrella, or even better, an awning.

Awnings can come in many types and sizes and which one you choose is completely up to personal preference and available space. The only thing you have to consider when buying one are the awning repair parts and their quality and cost. Since you may be exposed to some heavy wind or worst case scenario, heavy rains, they might easily break so the quality of your awning and the awning repair parts is of utmost importance. The reasons why you should strongly consider buying an awning (if you already don’t have one) are many, here are 3 of them.


Extra Space

Well, you don’t actually get extra space, you just feel like you do, which frankly is all that really matters. If you’re on a camping site and you have some space in front of your caravan, you can cover it up with an awning so it feels like it is all yours. You can put your table in there and even cook your meals outside. It’ll make you feel like you’re in your own back yard.


You can control the levels of privacy by lifting the awning up or shutting it down. If you don’t want the neighbors to look at and get jealous of your tasty meals and the great time you’re having – you can shut it down completely. If you feel like you aren’t getting enough sun – you can open it up. There are several types of awnings – the porch awning provides the most privacy of all of them as it completely shuts off everything outside of it. The full awning has similar features as the porch one, and the canopy awning provides much less privacy – it just acts like a roller blind that’s horizontally set up instead of vertically, protecting you from rain and sunlight.

Block the Sun, Not the View

As aforementioned, the full and porch awning completely block off the sun. If you don’t think that’s what you want, then probably the best choice for you would be a canopy awning. It will allow you a clear view of what’s in front of you, as if you were sitting in your back porch. So regardless whether it rains or the sun is too high, you’d be able to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a pint of beer or two.


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