Explaining the Benefits of Taking Protein Supplements

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If you’re an athlete or just a gym-goer who wants to improve his endurance and become stronger, faster and bigger, consuming protein should be up high on your list of supplements. People often wonder how they can reach their fitness goals faster, and when they’re told that the answer is as simple as eating more protein, they get dismayed and feel like they’re being lied to. However, that’s the simple truth, and most athletes and gym rats don’t consume enough protein. There’s much misinformation going around that too much protein will damage your kidneys. This is simply false, as long as you drink a sufficient amount of water daily.protein supplements online

You can find protein supplements online and all the information regarding protein is easily accessible, and I don’t think you can find any proof of negative effects of protein. In fact, protein offers many benefits for your body and health, here are 3 of them.

Helps You Build Muscle

It’s the only nutrient that’s responsible for building muscle. It’s essential for muscle growth and recovery and in order to do so, proper amounts of high quality protein need to be consumed at the right times of the day. Regardless whether the protein comes from your own tissues or your food, it contains amino acids which are linked together and are the main source of nitrogen, which promotes growth.

Increases Your Thermic Levels

Protein has the highest thermal effect from any foods by far, which means that the foods containing high protein will make your metabolism faster for up to 30%. This is so because your body has to work harder to utilize and digest it, as opposed to foods that are higher in carbohydrate or fat. For example, a 125 gram portion of chicken breasts (a high protein food) may be calculated as 90 calories because of the energy being used in the thermic digestive process.

Lowers the Blood Insulin Levels

Consuming protein alongside carbohydrates slows down the insulin response levels. This is very important when it comes to controlling the energy levels and it’s extremely important when trying to develop a better physique. Controlling the insulin response is also very important because it reduces the potential for insulin resistance, a condition which makes people lose sensitivity to insulin. Furthermore, the high levels of insulin in the bloodstream trigger the fat storage enzymes and promote the movement of triglycerides into fat cells for storage and gets the enzymes that promote the breakdown of stored body fat.

Protein is in no way bad for you, in fact all you can get out of it are benefits. There’s a reason why you can find protein supplements online on every supplement selling web site, and it’s by far the most sold product. In fact, it’s safe to say it sells like bread!



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