Ditch Antiperspirants: The Benefits of Using All Natural Deodorant

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Though the modern way of life has brought about plenty of advantages, there are of course disadvantages as well that we should pay attention to, particularly those that affect our well-being. Technological improvements have sure made our lives much simpler, but they’ve also brought to the increasing level of pollution. Even if you’ve adopted a healthy and well-balanced diet, the right amount of exercise that’s adequate for your body, you are still exposed to toxins and you might not be aware of it.

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Another way for toxins to enter our bodies is through the skin, and we don’t usually pay that as much attention. In fact, the culprit can be hidden in your very bathroom: the deodorant. Deodorants help us stay fresh, protecting us from the unpleasant odour of sweat, but while we might find them pretty efficient, that doesn’t mean they are exactly the ideal options for our well-being, and that’s why the solution is to go for the all natural deodorant.

Unlike other deodorants, this is the type of deodorant that isn’t based on harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives, like parabens and phthalates, that are known to disrupt the endocrine system, but on essential oils and plant-based ingredients instead, so it doesn’t make for skin irritation or body toxification, plus helps make the skin soft, smooth, and odour free of course. This deodorant doesn’t prevent sweat, but rather helps with the destruction of the bacteria causing the sweat odour.

As opposed to the all natural deodorant alternative, regular deodorants like those based on antiperspirants (e.g. aluminium) which are effective only because they block the sweat glands, closing up the pores, can lead to certain health issues, some of which indicated by researchers, though not definitive as of yet, are breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, reproductive disorders, premature ageing, and allergies to name a few. Along with that, they aren’t all too friendly with clothing either.

You can blame it on aluminium for having wash-resistant yellow stains (chemical reaction) on your favourite shirts. You’ve probably even beet attracted to buy the “invisible” noted antiperspirants, in the hope of not having stains on your clothes, but still found yourself surprised of the unwanted outcome, with the fabrics ruined long-term.

Not only does aluminium make for a deodorant ingredient practically impossible to remove from clothing, it also alters the texture of the fabric overtime, particularly if you use antiperspirants for a long time, which isn’t the case with natural deodorants. You can considerably cut down on expenses by opting for the natural variant, since you also wouldn’t have to rely on toxic clothing cleaning products – it sure makes for a considerable green option.

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