Benefits of Wireless home security systems

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Security is always an important issue when it comes to homes. Big or small, home is a place where we not only keep our stuff and valuables at, but also spend most of our time. Thus, taking certain security measures is a must. Most houses and apartments these days are equipped with security systems and alarms that differ from one another. The difference is based on price, convenience, brand and other criteria. Up until recently it seems as if companies who produce home security alarm systems have had a stable market with no surprises. But, just like in every business area connected to technology in general, this convenience was just a breeze before a storm. And the storm came along with wireless technology. Today’s wireless home security alarms have taken an uplift with a tendency of replacing non-wireless alarms forever. However, this shouldn’t be something strange if we consider all the benefits wireless security systems have over their older wired versions.


One major advantage you’ll hear from security alarm salesmen is that installation costs are much lower for wireless alarms. Just to clear how easy they are to install, you should know that traditional security alarms require drilling and thus can damage walls during installation process. Not only that, but once installed, your house will look like a secret office for an intelligence agency with wires all over the walls. With wireless security systems all this is history. All you need is a proper tool box, a guide book and a couple of hours to set it up.

Battery reliant

Apart from the fact that they are easy to install, wireless home security alarms have the benefit of draining power solely from batteries. Clearly, this is a very good thing if you consider power outage situations, where if you had a regular security system you are instantly vulnerable to burglars. These batteries are not regular batteries that you have to change on a regular basis. Changing them are considered emergency situations as they are designed to last long. Overall, using batteries to power wireless home security system is much more efficient and reliable than standard plug-in alarms.

Robust Network

The fact that wireless security systems rely on wireless technology makes it even easier to connect with police stations and send a warning signal in a matter of seconds. A cell phone signal is instantly sent when the alarm goes off, even in situations when your cell’s battery is dead and phone lines are cut. Also you don’t have to worry about range because these wireless system can reach hundreds of feet, making them applicable to large homes and yards. Furthermore, If you decide to expand your land, wireless home security alarms are very flexible and can be upgraded and tailored to the need of the customer.

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