Benefits of Using Wheel Arch Flares

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2016 was another successful year for Nissan’s Patrol, being only behind Toyota’s Landcruiser in the category of SUV Upper Large under $100.000. With that being said, if you’re a proud owner of one of these beasts, you understand how lucky you are to own such a beautiful off-road vehicle, and how important maintaining it is. If you take your Nissan Patrol on frequent off-road cruises, having the right exhaust system and wheel arch flares to prevent damages is of paramount importance.

The term fender bender refers to small vehicle accidents, but when you take the term literally, a bent fender can be a hassle to replace. It isn’t the most technologically advanced and sophisticated part on a vehicle, but it plays a very important role in how your vehicle looks and how it maintains that look. And while it’s completely possible to fix a broken fender, sometimes it makes more sense to completely replace it.

Nissan Patrol Wheel Arch Flares

When replacing Nissan Patrol wheel arch flares, you have two main options: to buy the same model, or an aftermarket model that has some features that the previous one didn’t have. In this article, I’ll talk about purchasing brand new Nissan Patrol wheel arch flares, the different makes available and the benefits you get from them.

There aren’t two similar wheel arch flares out there, and each and every one of them is created differently, whether that includes appearance, durability or functionality. The flare that I use is ABS injection moulded. This is a tough durable plastic, stronger than fiberglass, it fits larger tyres with larger offset rims which gives my truck a more aggressive stance. Moreover, it features an UV stabilised stippled semi-gloss finish, so there’s no need to paint it, however, I choose to paint mine anyway for the visual appeal.

The primary benefit of large arch flares is that they prevent the tyres from kicking up detritus from a rocky road. Stones can lodge in your tyres and fly out at any moment. You can also kick up sand, mud and liquid. By catching these materials, fenders protect the vehicle’s paint and keep it clean. Not only is this helpful to you, but to other vehicles on the road and nearby by-passers as well.

Fenders also form an additional protective layer which helps cushion the force of crashes. They’re designed to crumple upon impact, widely distributing the force of the object that comes in contact with your vehicle, and thereby, protecting you and your passengers.

And lastly, as previously discussed, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Nissan. They keep chassis away and also give you a chance to add flair to your vehicle. Much like well-defined abs draw attention at the beach, sleek fenders help make your Nissan more noticeable.

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