Benefits of Using LED Lenser Flashlights

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If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities and frequently wanders in the wilderness, then you’re very likely a person who uses torches quite often. If you happen to be looking to upgrade your current torch, or are just starting to live the adventurous outdoor lifestyle, then you’ve probably heard about LED Lenser – the leading torch manufacturers in the world.

They offer a wide variety of torches that are intended for different uses and are known for their cutting edge design and innovative technology. Lenser flashlights are available in different sizes and their durability makes them a popular choice among hikers and campers.

The LED lenser M1, for instance, is one such model as it’s small but illuminates much better than many heavier and larger flashlights. It has a sturdy construction and a lumen output of 300 lumens. Its smart light technology consists of computer optimized micro controllers which are part of all M series. The result is a mix of many different light programs and easy control with the push of a single button.

led lenser M1

Moreover, the intelligent micro controller also optimizes energy consumption which sets the new standards in the field of compact design and modern control. Design and technology in perfect harmony. The basic idea behind the design is personal safety, and for this matter, the defense strobe or high frequency light flashes are implemented in order to provide an effective and quick method of self-defense.

Additionally, it doesn’t have a traditional torch focusing system which consists of a lens or reflector. Lens based systems have the benefit of emitting a homogeneous light pattern which is great for focused use, but when it comes to long distances, most of the light is scattered and lost. Reflector systems on the other hand, perform well over long distances but are inconvenient at shorter distances. So whether you go for a lens or reflector based, luminosity claims lose validity as light outputs will eventually be misdirected and wasted.

LED Lenser created the advanced focus system which combines the strengths of both reflector and lens into a single combined system. The result is a clear homogeneous light for close use and a penetrating, focused use for long distance use.

All of these benefits make LED Lenser models one of the best ones on the market, and the LED Lenser M1 in particular, is a very convenient, efficient and inexpensive model that can find use in various appliances.

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