Benefits of Using Car Seat Cushion

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Though we’re all full of praises for the modern way of life, having the chance to get jobs we could only dream of, staying in touch with people all around the world with the click of a button, shopping whenever we want and making appointments online, we can’t deny the disadvantage we’re all more or less exposed to as a result of this way of life: sedentary habits. Some of us are active, some of us are incorrigible couch potatoes, but no matter how much of a healthy lifestyle you lead, if prolonged sitting  is part of your life more than eight hours a day, it’s harmful.

Seat Cushion for Car

Along with sitting at work (worse if you’re a long-distance driver) and at home, there are also many of us who have to commute daily where public transport isn’t always the ideal option. Luckily, nowadays one can find a variety of ergonomic products that bring about many benefits. One of them is the seat cushion for car. As you’d get to see when being on the quest for the ideal seat cushion for your car, there are different types: from orthopaedic seat with lumbar roll to the many versions of wedges. One thing is for sure, whichever you opt for, you can bet there’d be more benefits than by not having one.

What one thinks of a seat cushion for car primarily is comfort. No matter whether you’re driving, or just being a passenger, sitting over time rather puts strain on your body, so before you know it you’re in the car in discomfort, not really enjoying the trip. The addition of a cushion can help relieve pressure points, and the best thing about wedges for instance is you can use them at home too, with rather uncomfortable chairs so it’s an investment worth making.

Another benefit is of course having your posture fixed. When we sit, with time we don’t pay attention to our posture, which only makes matters worse, not only for our back, shoulders, neck and spine, but internal organs as well, disrupting their proper function. What specialised cushions are designed for is alleviating pressure of the tailbone thus allowing for sitting up straight. This is possible thanks to the cushion’s memory foam, which also leads to another benefit: improved circulation.

Since the foam helps distribute the weight evenly, circulation freely functions at the knees as well, which isn’t the case without the cushion. Not to forget to mention, the foam is temperature sensitive and this property enables cooling in warmer days and vice versa due to the material becoming softer in warm areas and firmer in cooler areas. The reason some cushions are angled is because they are meant for pelvic tilt positioning as it helps alleviate pressure. Latest cushions are created with your utmost health in consideration, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon types that have antimicrobial properties.

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