Benefits of Using a Power Grinder

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Handymen of practically every trade, from plumbers to car mechanics, rely on an electric grinder for many jobs. But homeowners and DIYers have also found a few good uses for an angle grinder. Investing in one of these tools, whether you’re an amateur or a professional, helps take care of a lot work and save time. And in certain situations, using a grinder instead of other alternatives can significantly improve the quality of the outcome. Let’s take a look at the 3 most important areas that can benefit from this tool.


An angle grinder’s primary purpose is to work with metal. One of the most frequent applications of this tool in a metal shop is metal cleaning. Wire wheels and brushes attached to a power grinder are an extremely effective way to remove paint and rust and give the metal a polished look. They can also be applied for cleaning garden tools of dirt and dried cement. Old aluminium can be restored back to its shiny self with a polishing wheel or buffing pad. But if the aluminium is extremely corroded, you might want to start with a high grit grinding disc and later attach a polishing wheel.

And when it comes to cutting metal, nothing beats a power grinder. Sure, if you’re patient enough, you can cut most metal with a hacksaw. However if you have no time to spare and want to make quick, rough cuts, an angle grinder is your friend. This tool can easily cut through rebar, iron, bolts and wire fencing. An inexpensive cutoff wheel attachment is all you need for most metal-cutting jobs.

Angle Grinder


When working on metal, there’s no better tool to have around than an angle grinder. But did you know that this versatile tool can also be used on wood? Sure, when it comes to sanding, shaping and carving wood there are plenty of tools to consider. However, only an angle grinder is adapt at accomplishing all these typical woodworking tasks with ease.

An angle grinder is perhaps one of the fastest methods to carve large gouges into wood without having to waste time and effort using a chisel. This tool is also amazing at levelling joints and smoothing out rough surfaces before you apply finish. Every woodworking projects can be efficiently done with an angle grinder and the right attachments. When you need to shape pristine wood, abrasive carving discs provide easy control and delicate surface sanding for complex projects ranging from artistic sculptures to log furniture. On the other hand, when you’re working with thick woods and need to do some aggressive cutting, nothing beats the powerful flap discs.

Restore Cutting Edges

If you find that some of your garden tools like are becoming increasingly unfit to accomplish their jobs, then maybe it’s time to do some sharpening. Axes, shovels, chainsaws, and lawnmower blades take a lot of beating which over time renders them blunt. Outfit the grinder with a grinding wheel an you have a great tool for restoring the edges on these important garden tools and maintain their effectiveness. However, when doing this be careful not to overheat the metal which can turn a bluish black colour and won’t stay sharp for long. To prevent overheating, keep the grinder moving the whole time and don’t leave it for too long working at one spot. A good tip is to wipe the metal frequently with a sponge to keep it cool.

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