Benefits of Using a Pet Transport Company for Your International Move

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Moving overseas in a completely new country is definitely exciting, but it’s also stressful and requires a great deal of preparation first, especially when you’re flying with your pet. You may even be wondering whether it is safe for a cat or dog to fly which in most cases is, but only if you take all the necessary preparation steps. As there are far too many things to consider when arranging an international trip for your furry friend, enlisting international pet relocation services can prove the smartest decision. And here’s why.

International Pet Relocation Services

Expert Help with Paperwork


Shipping your pet internationally, anywhere in the world, involves lots of paperwork. Lots of it. Every country has its own rules about importing animals. Because the rules vary so much from country to country, the process can be confusing and you local vet might not even know what forms to use. That’s where international pet relocation services can come in. They are informed about all the rules and requirements of every country and any recent changes that might have occurred. There are also various complex quarantine and airline protocols which pet transport services can help you deal with. Plus, pet relocation services usually have their own vet which can act with the urgency and speed you need in filling out all the necessary paperwork. This kind of professional expertise in assembling paperwork can lift a big burden from your shoulders when planning your international move.

Less Stress for The Animal

Besides reducing the stress for you, shipping your pet with the help of a reliable pet transport service can also reduce the stress an animal can experience. As a human, you’re well aware how exhausting and stressful long flights can be. But for a small and frightened animal, which can’t comprehend what is happening, the feeling can increase tenfold. That’s why pet transportation companies will always take all steps to minimise any stress and risk factors and keep your buddy safe and comfortable on the long flight. Like for instance, providing a properly ventilated and secure crate that’s compliant with all airline guidelines and making sure the animal is properly fed and has received any medications it might need.

Tailored Service


Do you have a large breed of dog and are afraid how it will fit in the airline crate? How about an older and fragile pet, or an exotic animal? These types of pets can be more challenging to transport. However, a knowledgeable pet transport service can arrange a comprehensive travel itinerary, tailored to the needs and species of your pet – from travel crate to quarantine stay. Entrusting your furry friend to people with proper knowledge and experience can ensure the animal feels as comfortable as possible and bring you a peace of mind. That kind of reassurance is priceless!

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