3 Benefits Of Using Baking Soda On Hair

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To get shiny and polished hair you do not need to pay big bucks to fancy hair saloons which claim that the products they use and their experienced staff can do wonders for you. And while this may be true, you’ll probably spend one down-payment on a car if you choose the saloon option. Now, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly get magazine-like hair without visiting your hairdresser. Well, easy. All you need to do is be a bit more resourceful and create your own recipe for shiny and voluminous hair with few kitchen ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Have you ever thought about baking soda and what it can do for your hair? Most likely not. Like majority of women, you too, other than using baking soda to make the cake batter rise and sometimes to brush your teeth (when you’re out of toothpaste), you most likely just store the box of baking soda in kitchen cabinet or keep it in a fridge to get rid of bad smell. But baking soda is more than secret baking ingredient and natural odor-removal. Aside from being affordable and available, baking soda is a natural ingredient that will soon become your secret beauty ingredient as well. We’ve singled out 3 most important benefits of using baking soda on your hair.

But before we list the wonders baking soda can do for your hair, know that you can also use it to liven up your clip in hair extensions. Those who are madly in love with this fashion accessory know that with time hair extensions become dull and hard to style and maintain. To prolong the life of your clip in hair extensions use baking soda.

Get Squeaky Clean Hair – Are you using an expensive shampoo, but your hair is still dull and dingy? It’s not because the shampoo is not ‘suitable’ for your hair, but because you most likely have a build up of both cleaning and styling products. The same is true for clip in hair extensions, if you use them. The solution – mix your shampoo with 1 teaspoon of baking soda since soda will remove any build up and leave your hair feeling extra soft. You can also rinse your hair once a week with a mixture of ½ cup baking soda and 1 cup warm water to ensure squeaky clean hair.

Make Your Own Dry Shampoo – How many times you’ve hit that snoozing button too many times and ended up waking up late for work? Time for quick shower – yes, but no time to wash hair as well. But how will you show up at the office with that oily hair? Baking soda to the rescue. Comb hair first to ensure no tangles, then simply sprinkle baking soda into the roots, rub with your fingers and then comb or brush out the powder.

Liven Up Your Locks – Is your hair really limp, flat and lifeless? Tried out thousands of products, but they only made the hair problem worse? Try switching from regular shampooing to baking soda and vinegar regime to add body, volume and strength to your hair. It may feel weird to adjust at first, but washing your hair this way will certainly pay off in the end. First mix 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water and then apply the mixture to your hair (dry or wet) starting at the roots and working your way down. Leave it on for few minutes and then rinse with water first and then with vinegar solution. Mix 1 part vinegar (white or apple cider) with 4 part water (add few drops of your favorite essential oil to minimize the smell of vinegar) and rinse your hair with this mixture. Follow with cold water rinse. You can use these same solutions to maintain your clip in hair extensions as well.

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