3 Benefits Of Timing Belt Replacement

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Timing belt is an important part of every vehicle hidden behind dust covers and other components of the engine. This makes it hard to see its condition which is why many people think it’s not worth to bother with somethings that cannot be seen. And of course, many say “if it’s not broken no need to fix it”. But this is wrong and is one of many reasons why you see so many vehicles pulled on the side of the road. According to cars manufacturers and experienced mechanics, timing belt should be regularly inspected and replaced every 96,000 kilometers.

There are many reasons why you should keep your timing belt in great condition. If in good condition and properly maintained, a timing belt will provide minimal vibration and chordal effect and high mechanical efficiency. Also a timing belt will improve the power transmission efficiency, reduce noise, resist chemicals and contaminants, provide weight savings as well clean operation to your vehicle and much more. So, do not be one of those people who think that timing belt is not important part of your vehicle. Do not wait for your timing belt to completely wear out or even brake. As soon as you suspect any timing belt faults, visit a reputable timing belt replacement Melbourne shop. This way you can be sure your timing belt is in great condition and your car is safe to drive. Here are three benefits of the timing belt.

Increase In Horse Power – Taking your vehicle to a timing belt replacement Melbourne shop and changing the timing belt as scheduled will benefit you in many ways. The fist and the most important one is that timing belt in great condition will increase acceleration and horse power when you hit the gas pedal. You will be surprised by the power of your engine after replacing the timing belt.

Better Fuel Economy – Changing the timing belt when needed will dramatically increase your gas mileage. With the crankshaft and camshaft properly adjusted and properly fitted new timing belt, the valves of your vehicle will give you a great combustion whenever you traveling. Do not forget, after 96,000 km driven, the timing belt is probably cracked and stretched what can cause poor adjustment and not a tight fit around the gears. So, the answer is yes, going to experienced timing belt replacement Melbourne shop is necessary.

Lower Auto Repair Cost – Another important reason why you should have your timing belt replaced as scheduled is lower auto repair cost. Timing belt replacement costs around two to three hundred dollars. But the damages caused from broken timing belt will cost you several thousands. Therefore, it is essential to have your vehicle inspected in a reputable timing belt replacement Melbourne auto shop to ensure safe driving and prevent costly repairs.

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