3 Benefits of Mobility Bath Aids

Tuesday 24th, April 2018 / 10:47 Written by +

With bathroom floors being slippery when wet, it’s difficult to move around safely even when you’re in perfect health. But elderly people who have balance and mobility issues have it much, much worse. That being said, if you’re managing a retirement home, or one of your elderly parents is having trouble maneuvering in the bathroom, it’s not the end of the world. Physicians and health professionals have designed many mobility and safety bath aids that the elderly can rely on.

One of the most commonly utilised mobility bath aids are bath seats. Bath seats significantly increase the safety and security of the elderly when they’re having a bath. This aid has been proven to provide many health benefits, such as easing sprained and sore muscles, and relieving stress. The use of these mobility bath aids helps the disabled and the elderly to enjoy these benefits.


Safety and Control

Bath seat users have total control over the adjustment levels of the seat. They can modify them with the use of a single hand and the ones that have controls are easy to follow and execute. This allows them to be independent and take baths on their own. But more importantly, they’re completely safe. The models that have batteries are completely safe even when immersed in water. Moreover, they feature a switch that prevents the seats from going lower than the level they want.

Portability and Mobility Issues

Bath seats offer an easy way to get in and out of the bath, as long as the user is somewhat mobile. This allows the elderly and disabled users to feel less dependent as it gives them the ability to bathe on their own without extra help. Additionally, bath seats are quite portable and can be taken with the user anywhere they need them. For instance, when visiting family and relatives, or when on a long trip. Setting up a bath seat takes a few minutes and most bath seats can fit most bath sizes.


A bath seat can easily enhance the level of comfort of the people that use it. They can usually swivel to many angles, and you can find custom back rests and cushions that add a bit of comfort. This allows the user to enjoy a relaxing bath without any assistance whatsoever. Given the fact that most bath seats are extremely affordable, there are models for all budgets. Lastly, if you’re insured, your insurance company can help you find and assist with the cost of the bath seat, so it’s always a good idea to ask them for help.

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