3 Benefits Of Linoleum Flooring

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Linoleum Flooring

Think that vinyl and linoleum flooring are the same thing? You are wrong. While many people mistakenly refer to the vinyl flooring as ‘linoleum’, these two flooring coverings are completely different. Linoleum is made from natural materials, such as tree resins, linseed oil, cork dust, mineral pigments and recycled wood flour. Lino flooring was considered a luxurious material for many years. It was used as a decorative flooring in the dining room, the Grand Ballroom and other areas in Titanic.

Linoleum is natural biodegradable and anti-bacterial flooring that can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance routine. It has a protective top layer that protect from dirt, but still needs to be cleaned regularly. Today, linoleum flooring is generally used in kitchens, but is also a good choice for bathrooms and entryways. Here are three benefits of the lino flooring.

Affordable – Lino flooring is cheaper than many other flooring options. This is one of the biggest benefits of installing linoleum in your home. Compered with other flooring materials, like hardwood or ceramic tiles, linoleum is definitely a more affordable flooring solution. Also, it is one of the most versatile flooring coverings because it’s available in wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colours. Some linoleum flooring designs imitate expensive natural floorings like granite, marble, wood and stone.

It’s Green – Because it is made from natural materials, the lino flooring is considered as green and Eco -friendly flooring solution. Many people mistakenly think that lino is a plastic flooring material, but it is actually made from renewable natural materials. It is also recyclable and reusable. By installing a lino flooring in your kitchen or other ares of your home, you can be completely sure that it would not release any toxic or other harmful particles in your home. This means that your house will be completely safe for living.

Easy To Maintain – As mentioned above, linoleum is a perfect flooring option for dining rooms and kitchens where spills are very common. Dry or wet spills can be easily be cleaned with a mop and soapy water without damaging the floor. In fact, linoleum flooring is a flooring material that requires less maintenance, and only a damp or dry mob is needed for effective cleaning.

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