3 Benefits of LED Motorcycle Headlights

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With LED technology becoming prevalent in the world of lighting, it’s no surprise that it has made its way into motor vehicle applications. Motorcycles, trucks, and cars use LED bulbs for accent, exterior and interior lights. The illumination produced by LED lights makes them the perfect choice for headlights. Bikes benefit from them greatly, as you get the same amount of illumination from a single LED headlight as you would get from two headlights from a car.

With that being said, LED motorcycle headlights help riders see better in the dark, but they also provide other benefits over the conventional incandescent headlights, such as: efficiency, life cycle, durability and being environmentally friendly.

Motorcycle Headlight

 LED Efficiency

LED bulbs offer more light-per-watt of electricity than incandescent bulbs. In order to generate more light, incandescent bulbs need to be larger, and large bulbs may not look very appealing on a motorcycle. However, this isn’t the case with LED bulbs as they’re manufactured by using unique configuration patterns, which typically combine more LED bulbs. This is possible because they are very small in size and can be attached to a single circuit board. Moreover, LED bulbs project light in a focused manner (which also increases efficiency), unlike incandescent bulbs which scatter the light.

LED Life Cycle

LED bulbs have a significantly longer life-span than incandescent bulbs – LED motorcycle headlights can last you over 25 times more than conventional lights. Moreover, they provide superior shock resistance, which can be an essential factor as the engine vibrations of a motorcycle are much more intense than the vibrations of a car. They’re also not susceptible to weather elements as much, and instead of going out abruptly, LED headlights slowly dim down.

Wide Variety

There are many different styles of LED headlights, the most popular ones being Halo, or angel eye headlights, multi-LED headlights and fairing pattern LED headlights.

  • Halo headlights feature multiple bulbs that circle the rim, and the bulbs are typically referred to as eyes.
  • Multi-LED headlights are able to illuminate multiple directions thanks to the fact that LED lights focus in specific directions. Depending on how they’re assembled, multi-LED lights can either create a high or a low beam light.
  • Fairing pattern LED headlights are ideal for riders who love riding with fairings and like to have more design options available. You can pick between individual bulbs that form a box, or circular pattern around the front of the fairing to serve as the headlight.
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