3 Benefits of Getting a Mining Job in Australia

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Getting a mining job in Australia is not something impossible, but it is an opportunity for everyone that has dreamed of being a miner and an operator of cool mining machinery. The miners in Australia earn more than $100.000 per year, which is quite well. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find a job in the mining industry in Australia. But, it might be difficult to find one if you have no experience and needed qualifications for mining.

If you are interested in getting a mining job and working with various mining machinery, you should consider the following few factors:

  • Establish Few Contacts: Consulting with people who are already involved in the mining industry can help you significantly, especially if you are not qualified for the job. Make few calls and inform your friends that you are looking for a mining job, because sometimes the help can come from totally unexpected person.


  • Get A License: If you have a license for a miner, finding a mining job will certainly be a lot easier. Without a license, you will have a minimal chance.


  • Learn At Least The Basics: Also, it will be a lot easier to find a mining job if you have at least a little experience as a miner. Operating different mining machinery is not simple, and it certainly requires a lot of training.


As mentioned above, working as a miner in Australia has many benefits. Working with different mining machinery can be very interesting and pleasant experience. Here are few more benefits of being a operator of heavy-duty mining machinery:

  • Great Salary: You have heard that the miners are well-paid in Australia. That’s true, the salary is great and this is simply because the mining industry is a huge business in Australia. Additionally, the mines are located in the middle of nowhere, which is surely a big reason why the miners are well-paid.


  • Two Weeks On, One Week Off: This is the working scheme of most miners in Australia: they work two weeks and get one week off. Some mines work four weeks and have one off, but however, it is great working scheme. This is because the work is on-site and the mining machinery are only temporary on the job site.


  • Second Working Holiday Visa: With a mining job in Australia, you can easily get a second working holiday visa. This is especially great for young miners who want to work and go on a holiday.
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