3 Benefits of Automotive LED Lights

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Despite the fact that there are laws concerning driving, because there are more people on the roads these days, driving hasn’t been safer. However, there’s better driver’s awareness and innovative technology which has greatly helped make driving less dangerous. For example, car lights have been a huge factor in improving road safety. Not only do lights help people drive safely at night, they also make your car visible to other drivers.


The earliest vehicles used kerosene and oil lamps, which weren’t really effective. But thanks to the discovery of the electrical light bulbs, all car lights are now electrically powered. One type of lights that are especially popular nowadays are the automotive LED lights. Because automotive LED lights use less energy, produce less heat, offer brighter illumination, and lower maintenance costs in the long run, most car manufacturers have implemented LED technology for their vehicles.

Energy Efficiency

Automotive LED lights are incredibly energy efficient – about 85% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts. The reason being is that they don’t use a lot of heat energy to start the process of emitting light, unlike incandescent lights, which waste a lot of heat. Standard LED light bulbs use about 65 kW hours of electricity in a year, while incandescent bulbs user up to 525 kW hours.

Brighter Illumination

LED lights shine much brighter than other types of light bulbs, at lower electricity costs. Incandescent bulbs are typically rated at 14 lm/W, while LEDs are rated at 57 lm/W. However, LED lights don’t just provide more light, they do it in a more efficient manner. Simply put, they’re directional, which means the lightning output can be pointed towards a specific direction. Other lights waste a lot of their potential because they’re multi-directional. Moreover, LED lights are more responsive and activate much faster than other types, which makes them ideal as brake lights.

Durability & Low Cost

It’s true that LED lights come at a higher upfront cost than other types of lights. However, there are several factors to take into account when looking at the price tag: they use less electricity, put less strain on your vehicle’s car battery, and they have incredibly long longevity. Quality LED lights can last up to 30 000 hours, which is beyond the lifetime of the average vehicle. This is because they don’t use filaments, but instead use diodes. Diodes are encased in a plastic shell that can stand up to vibration, extreme temperatures and shock.


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